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The Double Violin Series: Suitable for student concerts, exam performances, or just a fun way to conclude lessons or personal rehearsal sessions.


The Double Violin Series is a set of short duets, with piano accompaniment. The pieces have various challenges, including a variety of metre, style, rhythmic independence, bow and tone control, and range. The two violin parts are mostly equal and regularly swap melodic interest.


Included in the download: Parts (pdf): Score, Violin A, Violin B, Piano. Audio files (mp3):Reference mp3 (above), Piano only, Piano and Violin A, Piano and Violin B (this enables students to learn both parts)


Many thanks to Mary Howles for her inspiration and technical advice for this series


Chris Cobon


No.1: Waltzing with Mary

A gentle, lilting, beautiful melody, with a mix of arco and pizzicato technique, leads to a hemiola ending.  YouTube

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No.2: Dance on a Sunny Day

A gentle, dainty melody requiring a mix of articulations, techniques, and dynamics. YouTube

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No.3: Mind Your Step

This fun, syncopated melody has constantly changing metres and cross-rhythms. Better Mind Your Step!YouTube

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 No.4: Taking the Bass for a Walk


As the name suggests, this piece is built on a walking bass. The violins play a lovely relaxed, jazz melody with some fun pizzicato thrown in too. YouTube

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No.5: Five Plus Two

The piano part harmonises a ground bass ( a repeating bass part). The ground bass is harmonised 5 times in the minor key and twice in the major key. The piece demands good control of both tone and rhythmic placement at the slower speed.. YouTube

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No.6: Follow Me

Violins having fun with a game of follow me YouTube

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No.7: Secret Cha-Cha

Violins having fun with a game of follow me. YouTube

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No.8: Changing Skies

A reflection on the mountains of Scotland where the ever-changing skies above add to the beauty but also, occasionally, have a more sinister side. YouTube

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No.9: Lets Go

With an exciting, driving, rhythmic pace set by the piano… It’s time to get up and GO! YouTube

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No.10: Time To Reflect

After some difficult years, it’s time to reflect. These calm, peaceful, and beautiful melodies help to set the mood. YouTube

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