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Winner of the Kendal Concert Band Composition Competition 2021.

Full description on Larch Music site.

A great piece for  concert hall or bandstand (alternate starting point).


Time is precious and this exciting piece, with its "ticking" motif, inspired by Stravinsky's The Augurs of Spring Dances of the Young Girls,  from the Rite of Spring, keeps a sense of urgency and pressure through the piece

When the chairman of my band said he likes a "Boogie", a challenge was set. In this up-beat, jazzy piece the lower brass imitate the stereo typical piano left-hand pattern. Lots of section features, including the Timps (The chairman plays timps). Come and join the party

One for the train buffs! LMR 600 Gordon, an engine form the Longmoor Military Railway now preserved on the  Severn Valley Railway. Full description on Larch Music site.

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Resilience, A march presented in two forms. Concert - with a dramatic slowing towards the end followed by a build in tempo that an audience could clap to. Standard - For everyday performance on bandstands etc.


Virtual performance of Standard Version


Live performance of Standard Version : Yeovil Concert Band


Composed: 2021. 

A descriptive and relaxed composition. Ideal before a church service or to slow the pace in a full concert. Unashamedly Baroque influenced.


For a live performance click here

Composed: 2021. 

Introducing the Band an exciting way to showcase the different areas of the band. The showstopper / musical theatre style is an ideal opener to the 2nd part of a concert. If practical, each section should stand to play their allocated section as follows: Percussion (a free section to develop as they wish), All Bass instruments with Euphonium if needed, Trombones, French Horns and Euphoniums (+Baritones), High w/w: Flutes, Oboe, and Clarinets, Trumpets/Cornets/Flugel. Vamp Bars: These bars enable the conductor to introduce the section and repeat continuously as needed. For a live performance click here

Composed: 2021.

Steadfast, a concert piece with hints of a march. An uplifting main theme leads to more unusual inner sections containing lovely reed

textures. A menacing character builds in the middle until we return to the positivity of the opening idea. Something exciting for both performer and audience alike.


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2021. Spy Ring is a light-hearted glimpse into the undercover world. Originally written to add some fun for the band, the text could form part of the performance by being projected or held up by band members. Text is kept short to enable such performance possibilities.

Also audible on the timpani part is the victory sign (dot dot dot dash) used on the radio in WWII.

c.0.12secs: Dark shadows of old alleyway c.0.30: The Spy emerges

c.0.50: Change of disguise, an English gentleman

c.1.09: Oops, he's been spotted! c.1.19: Subtly attempting to escape

c.1.39: Lucky escape - back into the alley c.1.58: Is this it? Trapped in the alley!

c.2.22: A conversation with a double agent, that's lucky!

c.2.42: Should he trust them? c.3.02:Transfer of information

c.3.22:  Bad choice :(

Enter a world of changing disguises, enter the "Spy Ring"


Composed: 2021.

A mask can hide all manner of feelings and emotions.With constantly changing textures and moods, behind the Mask will be at home at any point in your concert order.


Composed: 2021. 

Bessie (Tuba Solo). Bessie was a "sit-on" lawnmower from Tissington. The piece is a quirky/fun item suitable for either Tuba, Eb, Bb bass, or even Euphonium.

Composed: 2021.

With its persistence pulsating undercurrent,the piece captures the flavour of military goings-on from years past One to add to your concerts this year and sure to be a crowd pleaser.


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View a live performance from the Caravan and Motorhome Club Concert Band

Galopede is traditional English country dance arranged into a foot-tapping catchy melody suitable for bandstand or light concerts based on an old English Country Dance.

Shrewsbury Lasses is a foot-tapping catchy melody suitable for bandstand or light concerts based on an old English Country Dance.

A new arrangment of an old English Country Dance. Great one for the Bandstand or light concert.

A  new collection of Christmas carols arranged into an upbeat, fun piece that even includes a hint of the Katy Moss classic "Floral Dance". Ideal for your Christmas concerts.

Thanks to Rob and Carol of Avonbank Brass Band for the idea (Rob hates Floral Dance, Carol loves it... and so do I )


Christmas Carols include : The Holly & The Ivy, Jingle Bells, Hark!, The Herald Angels Sing, The Twelve Days of Christmas, It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, Deck The Halls, Carol of The Bells, Away In A Manger, Silent Night, Floral Dance, O Holy Night, O Come, O Come Emmanuel, The Twelve Days of Christmas, Joy To The World, O Come, All Ye Faithful, The Twelve Days of Christmas

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A fun new addition for your library. Based on the 12 days of Christmas but with carols replacing the items

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A Scottish Visit (Concert/Wind Band). Written for performances at the Fringe Festival 2023 by the Caravan and Motorhome Club Concert Band. Suitable for light concerts and Bandstands. Downloadable pdfs or printed. Includes - Cock 'O The North, Wi' A Hundred Pipers and Scotland The Brave